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EdExcel AS Units: Summary of the Scheme of Assessment

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Unit 1: Performing

Perform one or more solo pieces lasting 5-6 minutes.
                                     15% (AS) 7.5% (A)

Perform during the course (four occasions, which must include the performance of one of the student's own compositions).
                                     15% (AS) 7.5% (A)


7.5 % Externally assessed performance

7.5% Internally assessed performance

Unit 2: Developing musical ideas

Produce a portfolio of composition techniques exercises (7.5%) and a composition (7.5%)
                                     30% (AS) 15% (A)


15% Externally assessed coursework

Unit 3: Listening and Understanding

Part 1: 45 minutes listening paper
                                     15% (AS) 7.5% (A)

Part 2: Respond to structured questions 1.5 hours
                                     25% (AS) 12.5%(A)


20% Externally assessed

Listening test and written paper


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