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This unit enables you to develop your skills in performing.  During the course you will have the opportunity to take part in ensemble performances as well as performing solo.  The Standard Level is Grade 5.

Study for this unit should include:

The development of a higher level of performance skills related to solo and ensemble playing as a progression from GCSE.

The development of a competent handling of pitch, rhythm, harmony, co-ordination and dynamic shading for an accurate realisation of the music being performed.

The acquisition of the relevant stylistic knowledge, musical understanding and sensitivity in performance.

The ability to respond to the demands of the performance situation with an awareness of other performers and thus communicate effectively an appreciation of the meaning of the music performed.

Planning and evaluative skills.

The making of connections between the music and it context.

Integration of performing and composing activities.

You will perform one or more pieces of your choice, with or without accompaniment and lasting between 5 and 6 minutes.  This will be recorded an marked by an external examiner.

Performance during the course
As part of your performance during the course you will be expected to play one of your own compositions either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble or group or as a director of an ensemble or group.  You may use ANY composition - including GCSE, as long as they are your own!  You also have to have 3 other occasions of performance.  Furthermore you must keep a log of your performances and repertoire.  This unit is assessed by your teacher and then checked by a moderator.

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