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Awards Page

Welcome to my Awards Page

School Zone Award
17th September 2000

Golden Web Award
19th September 2000

INet Silver Award
4th November 2000

Teacher Education commitment to Education Excellence Award
5th November

Critical Mass Award
12th November

Surfers Choice Awards
29th November 2000

              Approved NGfl and VTC content Provider
            22nd November 2000

17th January 2001

Academic Info "Select Site"
21st January 2001

Guardian Site of the Day
22nd January 2001

AwardWorld Special Winner
4th February 2000

Maxie's A+ Award
11th February 2001

Dare to Drum
"Your site is awesome"
11th February 2001

Top 5% in K-12 Education

"The Awesome Library editors have identified your site as one of the top 5% in the field of K-12 education."
12th February 2001

One of the top 100 sites for teachers as featured in 'The Busy Teacher's Guide to THE INTERNET'
April 2001

Last updated 20 February 2002

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