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Latest updates

Latest Updates

This site is constantly being updated.  If you find any mistakes or dead links please contact me and let me know.  Thanks!
Redesign of website

March 2001 - April 2001

Became Head of Music Department for Byteachers - Virtual School online Resource centre

March 2001

Became member of Byteachers

March 2001

Timeout Section created

March 2001

Worksheets updated

11 February 2001

GCSE section updated and more worksheets added - particularly Song writing section.

8th February 2001

New award added - Award World

4th February 2001

Guardian Site of the Day

22nd January 2001

Year 9 Classical Section updated

21st January 2001

Homework Help section updated

21st January 2001

New award added - Academic Info

21st January 2001

New award added - Topmarks

17th January 2001

Year 8 Beatles worksheets added

11th January 2001

New links added to Organisations

11th December 2000

Online lesson and Homework help sections added

11th December 2000

Index Page redesigned

11th December 2000

Added to Yahoo

6th December 2000

Surfer's Choice Award

29th November 2000

Approved NGfl and VTC content provider

22nd November 2000

Year 9 homework help added

20th November 2000

Critical Mass Award

12th November 2000

Teacher Education Award

5th November 2000

iNet Award

4th November 2000

Golden Web Award

19th September 2000

School Zone Award

17th September 2000

GCSE Online lesson added

17th September 2000

Year 9 - Mozart and Sonata form pages added.

3 September 2000

Year 9 - fanfares added - midi files, worksheets and links.

2 September 2000

Musical Aspect added (key areas taught at KS 3) found at worksheets

2 September 2000

Midi files now added - Blues music.  More will be coming soon!!!

1 September 2000

Year 9 Blues music pages added.  You can now find .pdf worksheets and internet links on line 

1 September 2000

More links added to Year 7 Reading music

30th August 2000

News and updates page created

30th August 2000

News and update page added

30th August 2000

A level syllabus

24th August 2000

A level worksheets and quizzes put online

24th August 2000

Organisation links added and updated

24th August 2000

Year 8 Folk music worksheets, links and quizzes added alongside the folk wordsearch

24th August 2000

Year 8 Indian music worksheets, links and quizzes added

24th August 2000

GCSE worksheets, links and quizzes added

24th August 2000

On-line quizzes searched for on internet and added to quiz section

24th August 2000

General music links created

23rd August 2000

About site amended and other subject links and school sites added

23rd August 2000

GCSE syllabus added

22nd August 2000

Last updated 27 January 2002

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