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 Last updated on 25 June 2002

Emma 25th June 2002
Had to go on site 4 school and was good.
Emma Bevan 25th June 2002
Your website is very good! well done after all efforts. I like the quizzes!
Victoria Ruttle 25th June 2002
I thoroughly enjoyed the website. especially the quiz!!!!!!!!! FANX
J Browne 19th June 2002
An excellent website - most helpful. Thank you for your hard work.
Jenny Croughton 19th June 2002
I think that your website is great, but we had to find out what variation form was and you couldn't tell us!
Jane Cottrell 16th June 2002
Thank you for a wonderful website, it has helped me so much with my teaching of Caribbean music.
Susan Booth 11th June 2002
Thank you for an informative session.
Will 11th June 2002
I think that this site is very useful. I will be using this site a lot. I here through a link from my School website =
Roger Manderson 11th June 2002
I saw your site in last week's "Age" and am now browsing. Thank you.
Dorothy Milosevic 6th June 2002
I'm returning to school Music Teaching after a break of 16 years. Your worksheets look excellent. It was great to browse through to see what sort of material needs to be covered and to what depth. Thanks.
Wanda Walton 5th June 2002
I am a home school Mom and am interested in your site.
Emma Farrell 4th June 2002
I am a first year out of university music teacher who has found it overwhelming to plan programs and lesson plans. This site is amazing! Please keep posting new ideas. Thanks!!!!
Emma Llyod 30th May 2002
your web site is great I learn a lot from it.  Gotta go learn some more now!!  from Emma!!
Heather Ferguson 29th May 2002
Any resources for Music for Celebration? It was on some of the English exam boards at GCSE and is now on the Northern Ireland syllabus and its new to me, Great site, my student told me about it! Heather
April Webb 27th May 2002
Brilliant site!  I am just finishing a PGCE and start work on 1st July. I am glad I have find this site!!
Adam Buttery 26th May 2002
What an amazing site. It has helped my in my lesson preparation for my class.
Paul 24th May 2002
You have saved my course! I now have a resources file that will satisfy my picky tutors!  Yours pushing the final pieces of paper towards QTS.  Paul.
Zoe 22nd May 2002
this website is great thanx!!!
Fatema 20th May 2002
Sandra Tuitt 19th May 2002
I have found your lessons to be quite motivating and loaded with interesting info. Keep it up!
Barry Bryant 19th May 2002
I am a free-lance musician and music teacher in both the private and state school areas. Your web site has provided good ideas for lessons.  I shall be very interested in seeing your updated.  GCSE site, taking in the new syllabus.
Sarah O'Gorman 18th May 2002
I found this site incredibly useful for revision for my GCSE exam on Tuesday. Some of the links didn't work, however I was most impressed with the ones that did.
clifford w hawkins 16th May 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool,thanks for the information and ease in navigation
Daphne Kayes 13th May 2002
I am a Music co-ordinator in a primary school in Northern Ireland and have found this site extremely useful. As I am not a Music specialist I am grateful for all ideas. The worksheets are fabulous! The Year 7 material is easily adapted for use at Key Stage 2. I have also found it easy to adapt for the wide-ranging abilities within my class. Thanks!!
Lynda Harrison 4th May 2002
I`ve directed some of my pupils to your site and we`ve all found it very user friendly.  I`m teaching theory and need some help explaining figured bass to students advancing to grade 8 theory.  Thank you
Sheila Lavallies 4th May 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool, I am so happy that I found your website! I can't wait to put it to full use.  Thanks for being here for me!!!!!
P Richmond 1st May 2002
Excellent web-site! Very interesting. 
P Richmond   (Director of Music - Hendon Prep School)
Dorothy Falarski 1st May 2002
Thank your for the worksheets. I am always in need of alternative activities to keep my brass students busy when they forget to bring their instruments.  Can you tell me where I might download more, or purchase some. I'm looking for 4th and 5th grade level.  Thanks
William E. Harris 27th April 2002
I think this is a great idea!
Elizabeth Neal 23rd April 2002
I found out about this site in "Music Teacher". New ideas are always welcome! Keep up the good work, and thanks a lot.
Charlotte Barber 23rd April 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool, thank you for producing this website. I have been looking at the renaissance section for g.c.s.e, and its brilliant!  why didn't our music teacher go into this much detail!  THANK YOU
Linda Christiansen 21st April 2002
I'm a resource specialist at Gompers Jr. High, Joliet, IL, USA.  We do not have a music teacher for our students. Our Language Arts teachers are charged with that responsibility. Your site will be an invaluable resource for them. Thanks for all your hard work. The site is fantastic.
Catherine Harrison 16th April 2002
What an excellent website. I shall certainly revisit, and share any useful resources I have. Thanks very much.
Raymond Mizzi 9th April 2002
As a Music teacher at a needy Wood Green high school. I have taken up with your web site to incorporate this material in my lessons. Thank you. And even base lessons on this material.
Ann Eluned Jones 6th April 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool, -thank you for your excellent web page. How do your midi links work? I am currently working on a series of interactive music lessons in Welsh based on the elements of music and am attempting to include links in PowerPoint to midi files and wavs and web sites.
Carl Stevenson 4th April 2002
Excellent source of up to date info. Just started supply teaching and this is a godsend! CJS
Hue Weston 3rd April 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool, thanks for some great ideas and some helpful hints in different ways to deliver a topic to all the year groups
Robin Harrison 3rd April 2002
Wonderful web-site. Would love to see your 'A' Level History of Pop notes, currently not available. Am re-vamping my current scheme and am impressed with the volume of work here. Keep it up and thanks!
Cory Snover 31st March 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool, Thank you. Great site.
Emma Olsen  31st March 2002
I am a music teacher from London and have found your web site very helpful in coming up with some ideas for my classroom. Well set out and easy to use. Thank you.
Mrs Judith Underwood    29th March 2002
A very useful site, lots of useful timesaving ideas. Thank-you for all your hard work.
Debbie Coleman       24th March 2002
I am always looking for additional ideas to help teach my Music Appreciation classes. I have gotten some good ideas from your site today. Thanks!
Nicola Bentley 18th March 2002
I am studying gcse music at school and I found this site very useful. Thank you.
Jo Rose 16th March 2002
I'm currently in my first year of teaching as Head of Music at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Reigate. Your resources have been invaluable to me, both as a teacher and when training last year. Thank you!
Yumiko Boyle 14th March 2002
I like the site it's very good.
Beryl Banaster 11th March 2002
I got your web site through a link from the LSP conference and I am very impressed. At the moment I am off sick but the quizzes may well prove to be something I can leave for classes in my absence. Thanks
Helen McIntosh        10th March 2002
What a brilliant site. I am new to teaching and have found your site to be a wonderful resource. More material covering the GCSE Syllabus (Edexcel) would be welcome. Many thanks. Helen McIntosh.
Michael Stanley         7th March 2002
I'm not great at music and have being having trouble with the twelve bar blues your easy guide has helped me to play them and learn more about the origin of them 
Mrs Helen Stowell  2nd March 2002
This looks great. This is my first classroom job, and it looks like there's lots of ideas here.
Thank you
Eve Badshaw      2nd March 2002
I love your website 
could you get the games working
thank you
Anna, Jessie, Claire & Rachel   1st March 2002
We absolutely lurve u're website. We're totally addicted to folk! Please keep the good work up! We've told all our friends about it. Sees ya !
Cathryn McKillop   28th February 2002
Brilliant site. extremely useful
Many thanks
Kathryn Walmsley   25th February 2002
Good site!  Just what I need! Thank you!
Grant Collier 25th February 2002
My name is Grant Collier and I am head of music at Leytonstone school. I just wanted to say what a great site it is. I don't have much time to make resources and some of the worksheets and activities are excellent! thank you, I will be back soon (time and time again I suspect).
Colin Ashworth 24th February 2002
Congratulation on the new site Liza. Perhaps Mr. Field will now see more of you!!!!
Clare 24th February 2002
In my first year of High School I missed more then half of my music lessons, so naturally I found music hard. But thanks to your webpage I've caught up on all my work and got 87% in my music exam. Thank you so much!
Michelle Fisher 23rd February 2002
YAY!!! Updated.....I love it!! Well done. Remind me to congratulate you with a medal or something!! This site is great keep up the good work. It's a real inspiration!!
Anne Todd 23rd February 2002
Excellent site, keep it updated so I can gain more from it. Thanks
Stephen Britain       22nd February 2002
Recently been told about your site.  Plenty of interest, need materials for standard grade and Higher qualifications in Scotland
Alice Jones 20th February 2002
This is the first time I have visited your web-site and hope that this will be the start of something new, and exciting for me!  At the present, I currently an unemployed Music Educator residing in the state of Virginia. I am glad to see that there are sights for us to visit to obtain information about a Subject that is often ignored in the public schools! Thank you for being here!
David Gerald Robinson  20th February 2002
Pleased to find your site, and hope in due course to find material that will adapt to music education in my region (South East Asia).
Mr Field 19th February 2002
I think the new design is marvellous. You have worked extremely hard on this (even though it has taken ages!)  Great work
Scott 21st January 2002
Dear MusicAtSchool, your site helped with my music hmwk.  thank you a lot.
Susan M. DePaul   2nd January 2002
What a wonderful site! Easily used by those who need resources for a music or musical classroom. I can use the resources to include the information in interdisciplinary studies, as I am a Social Studies, or soon to be, teacher in the US. I will bookmark this site as the resources will be of use. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Nerys Blanckley  9th December 2001
Dear MusicAtSchool, absolutely fab! I am an NQT from Durham university and found this site through Ruth Thomas. An invaluable teaching resource!
Corin Eite 12th October 2001
I have been having trouble getting in various facilities to look at worksheets, resources. Other than that a very helpful; and relevant website
Nicola Giles 24th August 2001
What a great site, useful for both teachers and students - i wish there were more up to the same quality!!
Lorraine Coe 18th July 2001


Hey! Great site, top class!! Hope the Bitesize site comes along just as well, and just as quick!! Only a year, not even that, to get it up and running!! Keep it all updated!! Cheers!!
Ken Wilson 22nd May 2001
An excellent site. Better than many commercial publications. Keep it up!
Cath Davis 15th May 2001
You are an absolute life-saver! I'm really, really grateful to be able to just download some of your excellent worksheets. There is hope for Year 9 yet!
Looking forward to the opera scheme and worksheets as I've found it can be a groovy topic with year 8!
Well done and many thanks again
Janine Gillet 6th May 2001
I am a secondary music teacher in Perth Western Australia, and happened upon this site while researching for my students. It is absolutely fantastic and as well as giving resources gives me lots of ideas for things that I already do. Keep up the great work - when I get to work tomorrow I will post some of my own to return the favour.
Nicola Hills 5th April 2001
What a brilliant page, thank you very much!!!!
Odessa Vincent-Brown   31st March 2001
This site has been very helpful to me in my music class. I am a teacher at a secondary school in Trinidad (West Indies).  I wonder if you are interested in calypso sheet music and information about calypsonians such as Kitchener and Sparrow.
Michelle Fisher 24th March 2001
Cool website Miss Shannon!! Now you will know where I got my music composition words help from! bye
Neill Oldham 28th February 2001
I was given this website address from my University Tutor, Ruth Thomas, who spoke of you very highly...i can see why. Thank you for your help with me Schemes of Work!
Carl White 21st February 2001
Dear MusicAtSchool, what an absolutely fantastic website and an excellent idea! As a PGCE student is is often quite difficult to come up with good ideas to inspire the children and know that they will work. This site came with high recommendations and it's not hard to see why!
Eleanor 18th February 2001
This site is fantastic! As a NQT I've spent the first two days of this half term looking for new ways to inspire my KS3 classes. You have some wonderful materials. Thank you.  Quick question: Have you ever tried using music games with KS3? A number of my students are 'turned off' music and I thought some games might help motivate them as well as reinforce ideas. The problem I'm having is coming up with ideas. Many sights and most books consider games for KS1/2. Do you know of any sites or books for KS3?? Thanks.
R. Jerry Adams 12th February 2001
Congratulations! The Awesome Library editors have identified your site as one of the top 5% in the field of K-12 education.  I wish to thank you, on behalf of teachers, students, parents, and librarians everywhere, for making your carefully developed resource available.
Gerard Farrell 11th February 2001
The site looks great and is very easy to get around. I am not working from my own computer at present and am uneasy about downloading things like Adobe, partly because of the amount of memory it may use up and partly because I have had problems previously when trying to download plug-ins.  I look forward to future visits.
Jessica 22nd January 2001
This website is a wonderful place to find information. I am currently a senior at Olivet Nazarene University. I am majoring in music education and church music. This site has helped me to find many useful ideas for my practicum's and student teaching. Thank you!
Susan Coe 20th January 2001
Well done Miss Shannon!!  I think this site is great although u could update a bit more often!!  Ill keep nagging u!
Stuart Nisbet 15th January 2001
Well done on the site and I am very impressed on how many worksheets the site has.
Emma Suttle 2nd December 2000
Well done Miss Shannon! This site is great and has all the information on it that anybody could ever need to know about music!
Claire Brennan 28th November 2000
An outstanding site, my sincere congratulations and thanks for a new wealth of fresh ideas!!!
Toni Hudson 25th November 2000
I just want to say thank you for producing such an excellent site - it must have taken you forever to set up. I have yet to find a more comprehensive site for teachers of music Thank you, Toni
Michelle 23rd November 2000
An absolutely excellent web-site, congratulations!
Carolyn Perry 15th November 2000
I am a PGCE Secondary Music trainee. This site has given me so many ideas. Please keep updating it as I always need new ideas!! THANK YOU!
Katy Hooke 9th November 2000
What a brilliant resource! Only wish it had been around a year ago!!
Jenny Shaw 5th November 2000
Can anyone give me help with teaching all boys catholic school in Liverpool. they only want to listen to Eminem!
Karen 4th November 2000
Hi Liza, Thank you for inviting me to take a peek at your wonderful web site. You've done an outstanding job here. An A+ resource and educational tool.
Sue Warner 28th October 2000
What a wonderful resource! I too am Head of a Primary school, and music co-ord, and as if that wasn't enough my daughter is currently wading through 'A' level music. I have used some of your ideas in school with great success, the Rhythm & Pulse sheet transferred to KS2 brilliantly. Well done, and thank you.
Mary 22nd October 2000
I enjoyed your Chinese music section - parts were relevant for primary schools.
Natalie Nicholas 29th October 2000
I really like your website.  It is brill.
Mrs Wright 15th October 2000
Congratulations Miss Shannon, I read about your site in the TES and am so impressed. What a colleague! I do hope that the students make good use of your site, it's a brilliant resource - and I can keep abreast of the topics my year group will study with you.
Ian Mcnair 2nd October 2000
Congratulations on your site, I love it.  In your instruments quiz, you have piano as a member of the strings - I've always taught it as a member of the percussion family.
Hayley Brown 27th September 2000
Excellent Web page there, Miss Shannon. Keep up the good work. This helped me loads on my Music Homework!!
Stephen Elliott 23rd September 2000
Great website - most informative for building up my weak basic knowledge on certain aspects of Music which will come in handy when I do my teacher training in Music. Thank you
Tim Robinson 21st September 2000
I am having problems reaching the Pulse/rhythm worksheets. Otherwise this site is fab. Thank you
Colin Ashworth 21st September 2000
Great site. You are going to save me a LOT of work! Pop into sometime
Clare Orrell 21st September 2000
This is a great resource for Key stage 3 and above. Speaking As a headteacher and music specialist in a primary school implementing the new music scheme of work which I find really interesting, is there any chance for support for at least Key Stage 2 on your website?
anon 19th September 2000
Absolutely fabulous.
Kevin Rush 10th September 2000
I read about your site in the TES. Well done! I shall come back to it and I will encourage the kids to have a look too.
Tony Whitby 10th September 2000
Wow! I've searched the net for months and not found anything even close to your site. Don't you ever sleep! 2 subjects still elude me. I need some African tunes for pitched percussion work and I've just started A level Music technology and need all the help I can get. Any ideas? Thanks for all the very useful material. Tony
Emily Brown 7th September 2000
I think this is a good website!! I think you should put more pictures and revision notes on it!!
Ruth Thomas 30th August 2000
Well done Liza. From your very proud teacher trainer at Durham University. You are a star.
Rob Jones 27th August 2000
An outstanding site. Well done and please keep it up!
Mr Field 13th August 2000
Just a very quick message to say I think this site is fantastic.  Keep up the hard work as music pupils will find this incredibly useful.  PS Please visit:!
Anonymous 8th August 2000
I've found the site really good for music stuff - I'll keep coming back to see the continuous updates.


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