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General links

Classical Composers
A link page to lots of sites offering information on some of the most popular Classical composers.  A great starting point.

On-Line Music Encyclopedia
A very useful site with entries about composers and instruments. 

Free Piano Lesson
A lesson on the basics of playing the piano.  This site used Flash.  It presumes that you know nothing about piano playing.  A good site for beginners.  

Free Guitar Lesson
A lesson on the basics of guitar playing.  This site uses Flash and again presumes no prior knowledge of how to play the guitar.  Good for beginners.

K-12 Resources for Music Educators
A clear site for all music teachers who are looking for resources.  This site is split into sections to make it easy to look for Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Classroom resources.

The Online Ear Trainer
A tremendous online ear training exercise using Java.  This site not only develops your listening skills but it is also fun.  You must read the instructions first.  Good luck!

The Classical Music Navigator
A good site that is beneficial to KS4 and above pupils.  Helps to find works of different styles and genres and provides a glossary for difficult terms.

The Tonal Center
The Tonal Centre is an interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation. Most of the musical examples are illustrated with a midi file - just click on the relevant link to hear it.  A great site.

Beethoven Online
A multimedia Beethoven online Encyclopedia.  A great site for acquiring information and also includes a test.

Time Line
An excellent resource from a music teacher.  Goes through each era and discusses key styles and terms.

Time Line

A highly impressive time line which can be used extensively throughout the course.

Instrument Jokes
Have a little light relief by browsing through these instrument jokes.

Music Education Resource Links

A great bank of links to search through if you really cannot find any information else where.

Gary Ewer's Online Theory Lessons
Having trouble understanding the theory lessons?  Then try this site.  Easy, clear lessons are provided and then you can take the test to see if you really do understand.  The best theory site online!

Music Activities
A fantastic site with four different activities.  Ideal for year 7 and 8 to help learn where the notes are on the keyboard, read the clef and remember note values.  Java required.


Tremendous online theory lessons and activities.  Easy to understand and visually interesting.  A great site.

The Music Land
A tremendous site full of resources.  Especially good for GCSE and A Level where there are numerous online resources and ideas for lesson.  This site is easy to navigate and suitable for teachers and students.  Highly recommended site!

This excellent page allows you to find a music teacher in your area.  It also offers web-links to many useful sites.

Last updated 27 January 2002

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