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This page has been created to help teachers link to important educational sites.

National Grid for Learning

A collection of teaching resources and links by the UK Government.  Currently greatly underused and deficient in music resources, the site provides music discussion areas to share ideas, ICT links CD-Rom reviews and further suggestions.

National Curriculum

The complete National Curriculum for England and Wales available on the net.

Dfee Standards Site

A splendid site which is of great use to teachers.  The site provides suggested schemes of work that link in with the National Curriculum.  There are 15 units to could be studied in Key Stage 3.

Times Educational Supplement

The Times Ed on line.  This is a useful archive for searching previous editions on line, as well as up to date educational news and discussions.


British Educational Communication and Technology Agency providing useful ICT links in education.

Exam Boards

Links to the major examination boards
              Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

        AQA (AEB/SEG, City & Guilds, NEAB) 

      EdExcel (ULEAC, BTEC)

        OCR (Oxford, Cambridge, RSA)

                     OCR NEW GCSE SYLLABUS 

            WJEC (Welsh Joint education Committee)


A tremendous site for music teachers.  Online information about exam syllabuses and requirements as well as teacher support and a discussion forum.


An excellent site for music teachers.  Boosey and Hawkes have created a remarkable website with online shop, Tempo magazine, Composer information and concert lists, as well as reviews of all the latest publications.  


Cakewalk Music and Sound Software Home Page.  A good page with information about products, downloads, support options and more.


The music notation software web site.  A very useful site.  not only does it provide information about sibelius software and downloads but there is an education section and chat teacher discussion forum.

The Music Land

A tremendous site full of resources.  Especially good for GCSE and A Level where there are numerous online resources and ideas for lesson.  This site is easy to navigate and suitable for teachers and students.  Highly recommended site!

Colin Ashworth's website

By far one of the best sites on the web for music teachers and students.  There are excellent resources and ideas for KS 4 and 5, along with numerous links to more tremendous sites.  Designed and created by a head of department and successful musician, this site is certainly worth a look.

Music Education Online

A collection of Music Education Resources. Good for more links.

Music Teacher's Resource Site

A great web site with a collection of Music Education Resources.  Also provides further links.  A tremendous site for all music teachers.

Rounds to sing

Rounds available free on the net.  Lyrics and music is provided and there are midi files to listen to the different songs.  An excellent resource that also provides difficulty levels for each song.

Midi Improvisation

An excellent resource for teachers provided by Music Teacher's Resource Site.


The UK University and College Admissions Service.  A useful site if you teach A level students for up to date information about courses and application.  Also offers advise on gap years, overseas applications and other FAQ.

Music Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals

A vast selection of links to Music Magazines on the net.  An excellent resources provided by, 'William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University School of Music, Worldwide Internet Music Resources'.

Music Education Resources

An excellent list of links for music teachers.  Gives you links to some of the best site available for theory, software, resources and much more.  

Music Archive: Sheet Music

A tremendous resource for music teacher.  At this site you can find a selection of "free" sheet music.   You can download the files and listen to some of the pieces.  


A tremendous site that is very useful for finding a music teacher in your area, or looking for links for educational material.  There is also an online journal and news.  A great place to look!

3-sixty music

A new commercial site aimed at KS2 children.  3-sixty provides ready made musicals with backing tracks - 1 available at the moment.

Embracing the Child

"Our goal is to create an effective "user-friendly" educational resource for teachers and parents and provide a structural resource for home and classroom use, lesson planning, as well as a child-safe site, for children's research, classroom use and homework fulfilment."  It certainly does this.

Kevin's Playroom

Kevin's Playroom is an approved content provider for the National Grid for Learning and is  used in over 50 countries world wide. Here you can find links to other sites to help you with your school work, your homework or just simply to have fun.

Musical Squares

Musical Squares TM are compositions & arrangements presented on the moveable tiles of plastic puzzle trays.  Links to useful educational sites can also be found here.

Last updated 27 January 2002

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