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Year 7 Quizzes



Instruments Matching Game

  A useful game to test knowledge of the various instrument families.

Instruments of the orchestra

  A quiz to test pupils knowledge and understanding of orchestral instruments.

Instruments of the Orchestra

  Another useful multiple choice style quiz.

Instruments Quiz

  Find out more about percussion instruments by completing the sentences.

Medieval Music

  A cross word puzzle to test knowledge of medieval instruments and basic theory.

Instruments Quiz
  Test your knowledge of musical instruments with this on-line quiz.  You have to select 'Musical instruments' from the scroll box.  A short test but it has good questions.  Have a go!

Time Signatures Quiz
  An excellent on-line quiz to test your understanding of time signatures.  To get the quiz choose 'Music Notation - Time Signatures' from the scroll box.  you may wish to try some other quizzes while there.

Scramble Saurus 
  A tremendous interactive game that is lots of fun.  Can you unscramble the clues to discover the instruments?  If you get really stuck Octohelp will provide an line instrument dictionary.

Scramble Saurus 
  Another excellent scramble quiz.  This time can you find the correct Composer.  Good luck.

Note trainer
  Learn to read music with this online activity.  Flash required.  An excellent activity.

Musical Terms
  Check your understanding of musical terms with this multiple choice quiz.

Lines and spaces
  How well can you read music?

Musical concentration
  Develop your concentration skills by matching musical pictures.

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