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Indian history and culture

This 2 page worksheet introduces the topic by looking at a map of India and focusing on the history and culture of the country.  I have also introduced the music by looking at the three main ways in which Indian people listen to music.

Indian History

An exercise to allow pupils to become more aware of India's history.  Although not musical this exercise is worthwhile to develop historical knowledge, a crucial aspect when looking at any music.  Pupils are given a list of dates and events and have to arrange them into chronological order.

Indian music

This worksheet introduces Indian Classical music and  the terms raga and tala.  The first sheet gives information and there are questions to answer.  The second sheet focuses on talas and pupils perform a tala and then have to make their own.

Indian Instruments

A look into the three parts of Indian music - raga, tala and drone and the instruments that play each.  This worksheet gives pictures and detail about the four common instruments, Sitar, Tambura, Tabla and the Sarod.

Indian music

A fill in the gap exercise to test pupils understanding of Indian music.  This is a straight forward sheet which is good to use as a homework activity.  Extension tasks for further research are included.

Indian music revision

A good revision sheet to test knowledge and understanding of Indian music and culture.  There are questions followed by a wordsearch to find the answers.  

Indian Composition

A simple composition exercise where pupils have to make their own raga using given notes.  Rhythms are provided but pupils should be encouraged to compose their own tala to fit their piece.

Indian Test

An end of unit test to see how much pupils have learnt!

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