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History of the Beatles

A brief introduction to the Beatles and their music.  This gives you an idea about how they met and how the band formed.  There are questions to help you with your understanding of this topic.

John Lennon

A brief history about John Lennon and his life with questions.  A good homework exercise.

Yellow Submarine Quiz

Quiz questions to test pupils understanding of The Yellow Submarine.

Eleanor Rigby Chord Practical Sheet

Learn how to play the backing chords of Eleanor Rigby with this practical worksheets.  This song uses the chords Emin and Cmaj.


This worksheet should be used with more able pupils who have a firm grasp of chords as a revision sheet.
Score - Eleanor Rigby Chords Part 1
Score - Eleanor Rigby Chords Part 2
Score - Eleanor Rigby Chords Part 3
Score - Eleanor Rigby Full Chords
Score - Eleanor Rigby Part 1

Chords - True or False
True or false statements about chords.  This worksheet can be used either to introduce chords or as a revision/homework exercise.

Naming chords - 
Name the different chords and then see if you can write out chords in full by yourself.

2000, L. Shannon, (maiden name)
2002, L. Field,
Any teacher or student of music may reproduce the scheme of work and worksheets in print, without electronic reformatting, provided that each resource copied has this copyright notice attached.  The material may not be placed on any other server.

Last updated 27 January 2002

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