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Introduction to Opera

A concise introduction to opera explaining the historical background in quite a lot of detail.  Some questions provided to test pupils understanding.


A short introduction to opera.  This worksheet focuses on teaching pupils about recitative.  They have to perform a recitative and compose their own, lyrics and/or melody.

Opera Buffa

An introduction to opera buffa with text to illustrate libretto.  Pupils are then asked to make up their own lyrics and add a melody.  Focus should be made upon recitative and aria.

Opera Seria

Pupils read a brief explanation about opera seria.  Using adopted lyrics from the film Speed, pupils are asked to compose their own melody to fit the words to make one part an aria and the other the recitative.

Fill in the gaps

Information based worksheets that involves basic comprehension skills and the filling in the spaces.  Some prior knowledge of opera would help, but pupils can use this as a starting point.

2000, L. Shannon, (maiden name)
2002, L. Field,

Any teacher or student of music may reproduce the scheme of work and worksheets in print, without electronic reformatting, provided that each resource copied has this copyright notice attached.  The material may not be placed on any other server.

Last updated 27 January 2002

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