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Classical music
This worksheet gives the characteristics of classical music looking at texture, form, melody, timbre, composers etc.  A very clear sheet to give a brief summary.

Theme and Variation composing sheet
This worksheet helps pupils to understand the process of theme and variations through performance and composing tasks based on Haydn's Surprise Symphony.  Tasks are differentiated by outcome.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
15 kb
A summary of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik looking at sonata form.  This sheet is best used as an OHP to show each section - exposition, development, recapitulation. 

Sonata Form
This worksheet discusses form and Sonata form.  There is a table that clearly identifies what each part of sonata form is.  

A biographical worksheet about Mozart with questions.  An excellent activity to increase your understanding about Classical composers.

Mozart Quiz
A quiz to test your understanding of the Classical period and the life of Mozart.  Many questions are based on the film Amadeus.


2000, L. Shannon, (maiden name)
2002, L. Field,
Any teacher or student of music may reproduce the scheme of work and worksheets in print, without electronic reformatting, provided that each resource copied has this copyright notice attached.  The material may not be placed on any other server.

Last updated 27 January 2002

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